How to Pay with PayPal at Stores Like Dollar General & Kwik Fit, Plus a Discount Code!

pay with PayPal at Dollar Giant

PayPal is the granddaddy of online payments, they were the first to market and have stood the test of time. When eBay first launched they partnered with PayPal as their preferred payment processor, and for the most part if you wanted to buy something there you had to have a PayPal account. This quickly spread to other online marketplace platforms. Nowadays you are able to use PayPal as a payment method almost everywhere online.

But what about offline? Particularly for small businesses and start-ups, PayPal might be functioning as your checking account since fees at traditional banks can be quite high. What merchants accept PayPal and how do you pay? We’ll go over a few merchants who currently are accepting PayPal, how you can pay, and how you can save even more by using a Kwik Fit discount code.

Kwik Fit Discount Code

Although a lot of the information on PayPal out there is U.S.-centric, PayPal is alive and well in the UK as well. Small businesses in the UK are eligible for the PayPal Business Debit Mastercard which can be used anywhere just like a regular debit card. There is a small chance that if the merchant is using a smaller payment processor they may not accept PayPal debit cards, but a large national chain like Kwik Fit almost certainly will.

If you’re a small business that uses your car at all, even just for dropping parcels off at the post, you can and should be writing off car maintenance such as new tyres or having seasonal ones changed over. Kwik Fit has excellent prices on all of their services, but you can still use a discount code to get an even better price. For small businesses and start-ups, every penny counts! Even if you are currently raising funds to bootstrap your business by doing something like food delivery, you can write off all car-related expenses.

use PayPal in stores like Kwik Fit

What Merchants Currently Accept PayPal? Does Dollar Giant?

Yes, you should be able to pay with PayPal at any store that accepts debit cards including Dollar Giant. As I mentioned above PayPal has it’s PayPal Business Debit Card for businesses, or they have a debit card for individuals as well. I also mentioned that there is a very small possibility that the store won’t take your debit card if they are using a payment processor that charges a higher fee for cards that don’t come from traditional banks. For the most part, you should be fine though.

The advent of the PayPal debit cards really opens up a lot of possibilities for small businesses, you can essentially use PayPal to replace a standard checking account from a bank. You do get charged a fee for incoming payments, but when you are just getting started that might end up being less than the monthly fees they would charge you at a bank. Eventually it may make sense to move on because you are seeing so much success and processing so many transactions (hopefully, anyways!), but in the interim PayPal is a great solution for small business owners.

Other Payment Options for PayPal

PayPal does also offer two pre-paid credit card options that again should be accepted anywhere that takes credit cards such as Dollar Giant and Kwik Fit. Depending on where you are shopping you may also qualify for cash-back rewards that will deposited into your PayPal account. Their different cards come with different perks that are outlined on the PayPal website.

And a final option if you use an Android phone is to connect your PayPal account to your Google Pay account. If the merchant you are shopping at supports Google Pay then you will be able to use the app to make purchases drawing on your PayPal balance. Unfortunately Apple Pay does not have a partnership with PayPal, and you can not make payments from the PayPal app itself. You used to be able to, but they deprecated that feature in 2018.

Our top pick for purchasing in store with PayPal: get a debit card. There is no fee to get the card, and you won’t pay any fees on it unless you use it at an ATM other than a MoneyPass ATM. That’s pretty standard on all debit cards though.

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