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Kickstarter Videos That Stood Out.

On May 22nd, 2019, Kickstarter made a YouTube video of their best crowdfunded successful campaigns. In the video was a list of ten projects which grossed from $ 6.4 million and up in their bidding campaign for money to proceed. Here are some of the campaigns that were outstandingly successful:

1. Reading Rainbow

reading rainbow successful kickstarters

This is a subscription based online library of interactive children’s literature. The materials were made from the Levar Burton’s show – Reading Rainbow, a children’s educational show – that were made digital. He bid for $ 1 million in his first month in 2016 of the campaign where he got $ 6.4 million. The money was used to make Skybrary. After its launch, Burton offered subscriptions of the interactive literature at $ 179 for a class holding 35 students, or $ 1450 per school for up to 450 students. The same money raise from the campaign was used to gift up to 10 000 classrooms in need. Mr. Burtons foresight of gifting classes in need helped propel the campaign to his favor.

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2. The Pebble Watch

This is a smart watch project which attracted $ 10 million of crowdfunding in 2012 with the help of 69,000 backers with a bid of $ 100,000 in its first Kickstarter campaign. The generous funding proved its need by customers. In 2015, Pebble launched its second campaign and collected $1 million in the first 49 minutes of its launch. A week later, it collected $13.3 million making it the most funded campaign in Kickstarters history. Between both its campaigns, it racked more than $ 43 million. After a few years, Pebble Watch was not making its sales goal. Searching desperately for a bailout, it closed its stores and the company Fit Bid bought them at $ 23 million in 2016. The Success of Pebble Watch lied on people’s need of a device more unique than a cell phone but equally versatile.

3. Kingdom Death

This is a board game started by Adam Poots. The idea sparked in his mind seating for jury duty to create Kingdom Death. After a trial in making an App for I-tunes failed in 2010, his idea kept nudging. He simplified the game play for Bits of Board in the making of Kingdom Death. He used $ 10,000 of his money with an addition of $1700 from Kickstarter to make the game. When His first iteration of Kingdom Death earned him $2 million, through word of mouth and announcement of the sequel in 2016, the game earned $12.4 from 19,264 backers. Poots spurned off different games making his board game franchise to be one of the most profitable. The success of this game was propelled through word of mouth.

4. Baubax

This is a travel utility jacket by Hiral Sanghavi and his wife. After their Kickstarter campaign, they managed to collect $9.2 million on Kickstarter and $2.3 in Idiegogo, making it a crowdfunding successful campaign in history. Even amidst copycat designs, Baubax holds itself as an outstanding brand of clothing line and remains to be a multi-million-dollar clothing company. The success of this clothing line lies in its uniqueness and design.

5. Exploding Kittens

This is a card game modeled after the success of the game ‘Cards Against Humanity.’ Online comic artist Elan lee and Matthew Inman used their fun base to score one of the biggest crowdfunding projects in history. Their goal of $ 10,000 was reached in 10 minutes and in the next week gained 103,382 backers, and easily the most in Kickstarter history. After one month, they had twice as many backers at $8.78 million. The project fulfilled its orders and created a series extension packs. Exploding kittens remains the bestselling game. Both comedians successful campaigns to their fun base who remained loyal favored its success and flourishing.

6. Ouya

This is a game console that reached its Kickstarter goal in eight hours. They were able to support their pre-orders at selling the console at $99 by raising $8.5 million through Kickstarter and released the console. This console was inexpensive and compatible with android devices unlike other major gaming console. Being outcompeted by other major gaming consoles, they sold their intellectual idea and hardware assets to hardware gaming company Razor. Ouya accessories are still available but the technology has been phased out completely. The success of this device was favored by the price which was competitive to other major gaming consoles like X-box.

7. Peak Design

This is a simple sleek monochrome backpack that was featured in Kickstarter in 2011. In a few months, 26,000 backers pledged $6.56 million for this peak design backpack. Even though each unit runs at $200, the back pack was preferred for its comfort, durability, and protection of stored items.

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